Lessons of Freedom through Blogging

One thing I am grateful for is the ability to use this time in my life to heal all aspects of myself. For instance, changing my perception, having a realistic concept of a to do list. I came back from Trinidad all ready to write and share my funny, crazy stories with #wanisworld. However, as always seems to happen at the height of my motivation, distractions came at me from everywhere. Of course this threw me off my game and next thing I know, it’s been over a week and I haven’t posted. We won’t even talk about how much weight I gained. Just coming off a bad carb binge. That good Trini fresh baked bread got me open.

The beauty of blogging though, is that it allows me to enjoy certain freedoms that are aiding in my healing process:

  1. Freedom from self-punishment for not being perfect.
  2. Freedom to change course.

As many of us do, I hold myself to such a strict standard, that I have been re-evaluating my viewpoint of what constitutes a realistic goal. Clearly having 20 things on my daily To Do List is ridiculous. Especially since in all my years of making lists, I can count on one hand the number of lists I actually completed. Despite this, every week my brain tells me to keep hope alive and try this again. LOL Anyway, I am learning to cut myself some slack and take note of what I do accomplish each day. I never seem to take into consideration all the variables that I have no control over, like illness or technical glitches. Perfect example, my partner and I caught some virus on the plane ride back from paradise. I hate that recycled air on the plane, Eww, redistributing all of those germs from the folks hacking and coughing behind us.

Then, when I finally got ready to blog, after my computer decided to cooperate, my hosting company took my website down by mistake! This is after they charged me twice on that old automatic reup scam, even though I opted for a manual renewal. Yeah so, I cancelled and requested a refund. I figured this was time to utilize my freedom to change course, rebrand and return bigger and better.   Since I have to change hosting platforms and redesign the #wanisworld site, I will be offline for 2 weeks. I will also be using this time to complete part one of my memoirs so I can publish next month. My goal is to run #wanisworld like a magazine so I will be working with a web designer to create an aesthetically dynamic site to showcase the articles in the best light possible. Send some prayers up for me during this process that I can stay focused, set realistic goals, unleash this creative flow and achieve spiritual growth throughout the whole thing.

Thank you all for supporting and reading Wani’s World. Peace and Blessings until we return.








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