Post Surgery Reality Check

So remember when I talked about that Warrior Mentality and the Senior body, well apparently my inner warrior decided that she wanted to take over the healing process.  In my mind, I was convinced that I would be weaning myself off the painkillers and walking without crutches by the end of week 2.  My first day after the procedure I posted on FB about how surprised I was at the lack of major pain in my knee….well umm that shit lasted until ALL the good anesthesia wore off.  Mann, that next day I tried to merely adjust my leg on the pillow and that pain smacked the shit outta me!

This lead me to my next revelation about myself, I’m not built for narcotics.  Now as much as I love the herbals, I am convinced that my predisposition to natural healing methods is the way I am made.  The doctor prescribed me Oxy/Percocet and that crap made me feel like Jesus and I were about to meet!  After the third day, I finally got the bright idea to lessen the Perc and increase the herb and it made such a difference.  I am now in week 3 and Perc free.  I cannot understand how people get addicted to that shit, I mean it works to numb the pain but the side effects are ridiculous.  I found out that Oxy actually STOPS your digestive process!  Had me all up in the hospital wondering why I had been taking in but not putting out.  Turns out that Perc literally had me full of shit for a whole week!  Anyhow, my point is when the government tries to tell you that marijuana is a gateway drug and it’s just another addiction, I call bullshit.  After being my own experiment for years, herbal remedies have stabilized my glaucoma, eased my pain and kept me from cussing many folks out so I’m going to be forever #TeamWeed.

Now another Warrior moment occurred when I decided to go pay a bill at Walmart, without my crutches.  WTH was I thinking?  My friend dropped me off at the entrance and I said to myself, “I can just walk slowly to the customer service desk and quickly pay this, I don’t need the crutches.”  As soon as I stepped into the entrance of Walmart, I discovered that the customer service desk was in the middle of the store and I was in over my head.  To add insult to injury, literally, damn near everybody in the store had crutches, canes, wheelchairs and all the wheelchair carts were taken.  That’s what I get for trying to be cute.  By the time I got back to the car like 30 minutes later, I was walking like the Hunchback of Notre Damne, dragging my leg like Igor.  Turned out my friend had moved the car a few feet up and I had to hobble even further. Damn, Damn, Damn!  Needless to say I have loved my crutches ever since.

On to my final revelation…pain is NOT a motivator.   Once again I had all these wonderful plans to video chronicle my Clean Eating  while I recovered.  I was going to journal daily, be consistent with these blog posts and spend time in the Word a few hours daily.  Yeah, so what really happened was, I struggled to complete my last class for my degree while managing the Perc effects and pain.  I have been on a Carbapalooza over this joint binging on baked potatoes, Doritos, pizza and Tasteecakes in between my attempts at healthy options like spinach, eggs and oatmeal.  I started ordering food delivery just to see another live person during the day.  Getting on the scale was a pleasant surprise, of sorts, I have maintained my weight but not the weight loss that I anticipated for this journey.  I finished my degree but it is still surreal to me since I can’t get out to celebrate properly, as I normally would.  I am grateful for the opportunity to reinvent myself both physically and professionally in the next couple of months while I recuperate.  There is always a blessing in my experiences, I’m just trying to balance my Warrior with my reality and so far reality is winning.  Until my next revelation…Peace and Blessings!

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